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Town coats of arms of Ohrdruf
Town coats of arms
of Ohrdruf


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holiday apartments in Thuringia, Germany

Holiday homes at the foot of the Thuringia forest. One holiday home consisting of nine combinable holiday apartments.

A holiday apartment in Ohrdruf, Thuringia provides an inexpensive alternative vacation for both small and large families, athlete as well as weekly accommodation for workers.

The holiday home, which consists of nine independent holiday apartments, is comfortable and well furnished, perfect for commuters working in the region. Located between Gotha, Erfurt, Suhl and Arnstadt, it offers a suitable, easy-to-reach alternative for your stay here.

The respectable and value for money apartments can be rented individually or in combination with the other holiday apartments, for up to 24 people. Here you can rest and relax during your vacation or after work and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Thuringian forest, nature reserve with its famous walking route - the 'Rennsteig'.  

apartment Ehrenstein - vacation homes thuringia of Ohrdruf  holiday apartment "Ehrenstein"

Thuringen holiday homes in Ohrdruf

on the first floor:
- holiday apartment 'Bach' (~ 50 m²)
   intended for 4-7 people
- holiday apartment 'Vollrath' (~ 23 m²)
   intended for 1-3 people
- holiday apartment 'Tobias' (~ 23 m²)
   intended for 1-2 people

on the upper floor:
- holiday apartment 'Ehrenstein' (~ 77 m²)
   intended for 4-5 people
- holiday apartment 'Bonifatius' (~ 22 m²)
   intended for 1-3 people

on the upper floor - new house with community kitchen (~ 14 m²):
- vacations apartment "Rennsteig" (~ 13 m²)
   intended for 1 person
- vacations apartment "Oberhof" (~ 18 m²)
   intended for 2 persons
- vacations apartment "Jonastal" (~ 13 m²)
   intended for 1 persons

in the attic:
- holiday apartment 'Michaelis' (~ 40 m²)
   intended for 2-5 people

prospectus holiday home 

In one of the most attractive mountainous regions of Germany, right in the middle of the country, lies the Thuringian forest. It is hard to find another place like it, with not only one of nature`s most beautiful terrains but also with many surrounding towns so rich in culture, and historical arts.

The Thuringian forest is well worth a visit during all four seasons, as has been recommended by many travel reports . Located in a low mountain range valley, it does not snow too much but there are numerous winter sports possibilities on the mountains.

At the walking huts in the area, you can experience the Thuringian food specialities and hospitality. Information about excursions to the surrounding areas is available from us. There are many great destinations and places of interest in the surrounding areas. The towns Gotha, Arnstadt, Erfut, Weimar and Eisenach as well as smaller towns such as Oberhof, Zella-Mehlis, Suhl, Illmenau and attractions such as the Oberhofer Rennsteig Spa, and the adventure swimming pool in Tabarz.

The Ohrdruf Michaelisturm and the castle Ehrenstein are located just a few metres from the holiday apartments.

All holiday apartments have an ISDN phone and offer in addition
(VoIP/Internet Phone *²) free calls to German landlines 24 hours a day (cell phones exempt), free high speed (DSL-16000) internet connection, cable tv/sat, dvd player and radio. The kitchens have all the necessary amenities like a refrigerator and microwave oven. Upon request a fax machine or baby bed with all the necessary infant utensils are available. We do not allow pets in the apartments.

*² - Please note our Terms and Conditions   

One weeks vacation in Ohrdruf - proposed activities?

1st Day: Ohrdruf with castle "Ehrenstein", Church Saint Trinitatis, Church tower Michaelis, Tobiashammer...
2nd Day: Weimar with castle Belvedere, castle Tiefurt, Church Herderkirche, Weimar house, State Theater...
3rd Day: Erfurt with cathedral and Church Saint Severi, bridge "KrńmerbrŘcke", Augustinian's Cloister...
4th Day: Gotha with Kasematten, castle "Friedenstein" with museum and orangery, Ekhof Theater...
5th Day: Eisenach with Wartburg, Lutherhaus, J.S.Bach- house, Residence Castle, Automobile construction-museum...
6th Day: Oberhof with Rennsteig-garden, bobsleigh run and toboggan run, Rennsteig-Spa, Exoticism...